Cranberry-Orange Exfoliating Lip Candy

BEST FOR: All Skin Types

ADDRESSES: Dry, Chapped Lips

Eliminate dry lips this winter with our Limited Edition Lip Scrub.

Our luxurious lip scrub is made of finely ground organic sugar crystals and nourishing oils. It works by gently exfoliating dead skin and dry lips to soothe, smooth, and renew lips. Our lip scrub is created with food-grade ingredients to be safely licked off.

The lip scrub is essential to prepping lips for maximum absorption for treatments like our Vitamin C lip treatment, or to prep for lipstick. Our lip scrub is also the perfect emulsifier to gently remove lip gloss or lipstick at the end of the night.

.35 oz. | 10 ml



  • ORGANIC POMEGRANATE OIL: Strong antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties to help unclog pores & relieve symptoms of acne. High in Omega fatty acids.

  • ORGANIC SUGAR: Sugar is known to be a pure, natural source of Glycolic Acid, also known as an AHA, which helps to break down dead, flaky skin and help support cell turnover.


  • 100% ORGANIC: Contains a natural, organic blend of oils and sugar.
  • Made in the USA without fillers, fragrances, dyes, bleaches, or parabens
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Cruelty-free and not tested on animals
  • Clinically validated results. 
    How to Use
    1. Moisten lips.

    2. Apply a small amount of scrub and gently rub to exfoliate.

    3. Lick off and apply Vitamin C Lip Treatment for a luxurious, plump lip.

    4. Repeat daily for luxurious, inviting lips. 


    Organic Sugar, Organic Pomegranate Oil, Organic Flavoring.

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