Our best-selling face cream! Watch your skin become more youthful, vibrant and radiant. Our DermaNu Technology is clinically validated to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase hydration, decrease hyperpigmentation and volumize your skin.

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RENŪ FACE CREAM: Our Renū Face Cream fights the signs of aging with clinically validated DermaNū Technology, leaving your skin smooth, soft and glowing. DermaNū Technology age-fighting capabilities can help diminish most signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, uneven skin tone and spots with daily long-term use. Improves skin tone and texture around your face, eye area and neck while working to reduce the look of discoloration, acne, scarring, sun damage, smoking damage and other marks and spots.

THE DIFFERENCE: KPS DermaNū Technology works with your skin's natural ability to moisturize and hydrate, add volume and collagen while fighting signs of aging. Use day and night to reveal a brighter and younger looking you.

96.5% ORGANIC: Contains natural, organic, food-grade ingredients such as olive, argan, coconut and jojoba oils; and plant-derived hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

ALL NATURAL, MADE IN THE USA: No fillers, fragrance, dyes, bleaches or parabens. Our products are CRUELTY-FREE and not tested on animals.
INGREDIENTS: Water, *Argania Spinosa (Argan) Nut Oil, *Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, *Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, *Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba Seed) Oil, Steric Acid, *Echinacea Angustifolia Extract, C14-22 Alcohols, C12-20 Alkyl Glucoside, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, Lupinus Albus Extract, Co-Enzyme Q10, *Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCl

*Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils *Organic Ingredients

HOW TO USE: AM and PM. Following Renū C+ Serum. Apply to face and neck.

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By Katrina

This is truly the best face cream my daughter & I have ever used ! It's velvety , absorbs into your skin , smells wonderful & it truly works . A little goes a long way . Love it !


By Ashley

I just started using this lotion recently and I love it! I have struggled with acne and after using this product only a few days, I have noticed a marked improvement in the level of redness and irritation. I love how it feels on my skin! It makes my skin feel happy!!


By Beth H.

I have been using this product for several years. I have tried many other products and I can tell you that this one is the BEST! My skin does actually LOVE it! It is soothing, calming, and gives my skin a youthful appearance (I'll be 55 this summer).


By Samantha Hull

I love that every product is 100% natural and worry free. No searching through isles of products with hidden toxins. I use both the vit c lip and the renu cream


By Dina Calgano

I have been using KPS products solely for over a year and after seeing the incredible difference in my own skin, I turned to KPS when researching products and treatment options for three of my children that were experiencing normal teenage skin outbreaks and issues. The immediate improvement and results they have all experienced has been absolutely amazing. My kids are thrilled, and I am beyond happy to have found a product that actually works without having to expose my kids to the harsh chemicals and ingredients found in so many other products on the market.


By Sarah Sherman

Wow! I seriously love these products. The renu face cream is amazing....I can literally feel my face tighten after using it a few days. My skin glows! I happen to have a skin condition that results in the skin on my eyelids becoming scaly, itchy, and painful. The KPS is the only product I have found that brings any relief. Thank you! The care that goes into making these products is outstanding, I am so happy to have found natural, plant based products that not only help my skin look better, these products are truly healing it.


By Betsy Barlow

Wow, I received the C+ Serum and Renu Moisturizer, and eye cream as a gift a few months ago, and I love them all! The moisturizer and serum are very light feeling on my skin, yet deeply moisturizing, and feels so good on my skin. I'm 60+ and I definitely have noticed a positive difference in my skin -- it is smoother and softer. I have to say, this is all around a really great product!


By Donna Adams

After just a few applications of the Renu Face Cream I am amazed at the results! My skin is firmer, brighter and softer. My enlarged pores have been a problem for some time and even they have shrunk. Fine lines are already disappearing and my rosacea is lightening. I really am amazed at the results in just a few days and cannot wait for a few weeks! Thank you KPS!!


By Patricia E.

I LOVE the face cream! I could see immediate results!!


By Nancy

My friend has been using KPS Essentials cream for a couple of years and has talked about all the wonderful qualities of this product so I finally decided to start using KPS Renu Face Cream because her skin look so great. This cream is incredible. I love the way my skin feels smooth and hydrated and looks radiant and healthy. It is a wonderful cream with the added benefit of being completely organic. I now understand why my friend loves this cream so much. I will defiantly be recommending it to others. Thank you for such a great product.


By Tricia G.

I have been using the Renu C+ Serum and Renu Face Cream for only two weeks and am so impressed with these products! The softening and lightening are definitely able to be seen. Love the feel of putting on the serum & cream so much I don't want to miss a night or morning without them. Thank you KPS Essentials! I'm in love!


By S. Blodgett

I was at my estheticians office the other day and i've been seeing her for years, she really knows my skin well. She could not understand what I had done differently since I had last seen her. SHe was shocked & amazed at the firmness of my skin as well as the appearance. She repeatedly asked me what I was using, well I told her KPS renu. She said that she could not believe how much my skin had improved in a very short time. Kuddos to kps.


By Adam

I've had this scar on my neck for years and started using my wife's renu cream. She told me it would get rid of my scar but I didn't believe her, I did it anyway and much to my surprise after only a few weeks it's gone. great product!


By John

I have been in the sun all my life and Renu Face Cream has helped erase the wrinkles and sun spots on my face I would highly recommend this natural organic product


By Marilyn

I have skin that breaks out whenever I use face cream, even as a senior. Renu face cream is the only face cream that does not make me break out. I also love that if I happen to get some in my eyes Renu does not irritate my eyes at all. My face is always smooth and my wrinkle lines are getting better I love!!!!! it!!!!


By Lisa S

Hello, first of all I want to say THANK YOU for the KPS face cream. For 20 years my face skin has been ultra sensitive and hardly nothing but a few low end products would work; (itch/scratchy etc). I have no idea how you have argan oil in this and my face still does not itch. I never was concerned with looking younger; at 54 years young I could care less what others think of my looks; however being vegan and conscious of healthier alternatives I tried some box from a lady named Sophie that came across my FB feed. I thought why not; let the professionals gather products for me to try! Previously I have purchased MANY health type of products to the same itchy result. There is not one product in her box that I can put on my face without issues EXCEPT your CREAM. I will BE ordering this from now on after I am through with my original jar. I also want to try the sunscreen face cream as I walk my two dogs daily when weather permits. This customer IS both surprised and ELATED the cream works; and as a by product; my face actually does look better! Peace, Lisa S.



After reading these reviews its pretty clear they are not legit. I wanted to love and buy this but now, no way. TWO reviews by people who were attacked by dogs and left with scars? Half the reviews start with "I have" and the other half start with "I've"- they are all written with correct spelling and grammar which NEVER happens with real reviews. Sorry these folks are dishonest..won't be buying anything :(



This cream is truly a miracle. I got attacked by a dog at 10 years old. I had a scar in my eyebrow & the hair would not grow. I tried your renu cream on my face and put it on my eye brows, Not only did it get rid of my scar but it also made my hair grow back. Crazy thing, it even made my eyelashes grow. Truly a Miracle. Thank you, it's changed my life :)


By Candace

I have sensitive, allergy, acne prone skin. When I tried KPS Essentials Renu Face Cream, I was very happy that it was so gentle on my sensitive skin. I noticed it plumped up the fine lines on my forehead and worked wonders for my acne. It also reduced the redness in my cheeks and made my skin look clearer and refreshed.It's like my skin had a glow to it. Great product for people who have skin issues and need some extra TLC.I Love this face cream!


By Alyssa

I have severe cystic acne on my chin and have tried everything except Acutane. I got a tub of this and it cleared up my skin in a week. Seriously, this product is worth the investment and is the only thing that works for my skin. I highly recommend this product to anyone with skin issues.


By Tammi T

I have extremely sensitive skin and nothing has ever worked for me. I have tried everything on the market and I always have a reaction. KPS Essentials Renu Face Cream is amazing. I have had absolutely no sensitivities to it and it makes my skin feel so soft. It even fillied in my fine lines! It is hard to find stuff that I am not allergic to or have any sensitivities to and the Renu Face Cream is just amazing. Thank you for making something that I can use.

GOD IN A JAR!!!!!!

By Marcus

This product has changed my life! I was attacked by a dog at a very young age. After plastic surgery the scar on my face was still very noticeable, deep & dark. After using the Renu cream for just one month the scar filled in, color discoloration went away, it has literally changed my life and changed the way I look. The thing that shocks me is that this scar is 13 years old & i've had plastic surgery, microdermabrasion and nothing came close to KPS! In addition I have tried every skin product known to man. Renu has made my scar go away naturally. My skin looks amazing thanks to Renu!!!!!!!



The Renu Cream is like no other cream that I've used before! I had two very prominent scars that are virtually gone now! It has also helped my sun damage...SO AMAZING!


By Cassandra

I've been using the Renu face cream since the beginning of July. Although I had naturally good skin, I was noticing more aging since menopause. Now when I look into my magnifying makeup mirror I see less harsh lines, more even skin tone and a overall healthy glow. I have also been using the face cream on my forearms. My age spots have dramatically faded in color and my skin looks younger. The skin on my neck also appears to be more firm. I love how the cream feels and I love the fact that it is truly all natural. I would recommend it to anyone. My husband started using it shortly after I did and he is hooked!


By Gina

Hi I had to tell you I have horrible acne and started using KPS as a last resort. I never told my husband that I was using a new product. In about two weeks after using he looked at me and said "what are you doing, your skin looks AMAZING!!!" THANK YOU Keeki this is a great product. It saved my life :) I will forever be using this perfect organic product.


By Tina

I've been using KPS for about 5 weeks now with stunning results! I've lost some elasticity in my skin as well as started to show a few lines and wrinkles around my eyes. Freckles and age spots pop through in some areas. I don't mind the freckles so much as the age spots. KPS has begun to make them fade! I've also noticed a "plumper" feeling to my skin and a general glow (where my skin looked dull before). I'm using the KPS in both the morning and evening. I began using the Keeki Pure and Simple Day Cream when I started with the KPS. I just want you to know how grateful I am for your product(s). I value the time and energy it takes to bring such high caliber, organic products to the market. I appreciate your hard work!


By Jess

I have been using this product for a month now and am so thrilled with the results that I thought I would share. I have always been the person who suffered from acne but particulary with the aftermath and the spots and pigmentation it would leave on my fair skin. I had literally tried everything. AND IN JUST ONE MONTH Renu has faded my spots, corrected my skin tone, has given me a glow, has soften the micro lines around my eyes & has given me so much more than what i would have thought. I'm not sharing this because I'm sponsored to I'm sharing this because this product has literally changed my skin & I really want you all to know about it. I'm also using it on the growing areas of my body currently focusing on my belly & chest during my pregnancy. I am in LOVE with this product and am forever a cult follower. This deserves some serious recognition....Especially with doing what it does with as minimal and pure ingredients as possible.

in love


I love this stuff!! I was home visiting my parents and I thought my mother had some work done...when I asked if she had, she proudly claimed that she had not and that she had been using KPS...Well, I immediately bought some cream. I have had on and off challenges with Rosea throughout my adulthood and had no idea what expect as so many products have failed me. I'm so very excited to have found this product as several of friends have noticed a change in my complexion and it's only been about 2 weeks!!

Would recommend to a friend!

By Lynne Bruinsma

I have been using the KPS Essentials Renu cream for just about a year and notice that my skin is brighter, more even toned and feels plumper. I have peri orbital dermatitis and this has helped to clear it up. A little goes a long way with this cream. I was told when I had a KPS facial to really massage the cream into your skin even the eye area. Since doing this I've noticed my lashes growing longer! My skin is on the dry side so I use this more as a treatment cream letting it really soak into my skin then I add a balm over it at night. I also love the fact that the ingredients are clean.

I love this stuff


I love this stuff!! I was home visiting my parents and I thought my mother had some work done...when I asked if she had, she proudly claimed that she had not and that she had been using KPS...Well, I immediately bought some cream. I have had on and off challenges with Rosea throughout my adulthood and had no idea what expect as so many products have failed me. I'm so very excited to have found this product as several of friends have noticed a change in my complexion and it's only been about 2 weeks!!

Refreshing Face Cream!


Received my first jar as a "free sample". My first impression was enjoyment of the color and scent. Once I started using the product, I quickly saw results on my fine lines and elasticity of my skin. The jar lasts me several months as I don't need to use a lot and now I'm on my third. I will definitely continue to use KPS Essentials as my face cream

anti aging and smoother skin

By Tonic

I finally found an organic product that actually works on my sensitive skin! I purchased Renu about a week ago and I already see great results. My skin feels incredibly soft and has a youthful glow. Some of my friends have asked me if I had some work done because my skin looks smoother and more voluminous also. I can not wait to try more KMS products. I am a happy customer!

wonderful qualities

By Nancy

My friend has been using KPS Essentials cream for a couple of years and has talked about all the wonderful qualities of this product so I decided to start using it because her skin looks so great. From the start I instantly liked this cream. I really love the way my skin feels so soft and hydrated and looks so healthy. It is a wonderful cream with the added benefit of being completely organic and chemical feel. I now understand why my friend's skin looks so good and loves this cream so much. I will definitely be recommending this cream to others. Thank you for such a great product.

Feels great on the skin

By Guadalupe Gutierrez

Arrived the next day as promised. Feels great on the skin.

Glowing Skin

By jennifer masley

I have been using this product for over a year and absolutely love the results! I get more compliments than ever before, on my skin tone and its youthful glow.

Fabulous rejuvenating cream

By Mickie Sharp

I absolutely love this cream. After using for just one week my skin was rejuvenated and clear. After three weeks everyone was asking my secret. Wow. What a wonderful experience. I advise old and young to try it.

Great face cream for seniors

By Kathy L. Bakker

I've used this product for several months. As I've aged more and more brown spots appear. Are they gone? No, but they are much less noticeable. My skin feels soft and healthy.

LOVE these products!!!!

By kelly summers

I absolutely love this product! I had tried many natural skin care products and nothing compares. My skin feels so hydrated and yet not greasy. Also with the added benifits of the age defying ingredients my skin looks beautiful! I can see and feel the results! You just have to try it for yourself!

Skeptic turned Believer!

By Linda D

I love everything about this product! When it comes to face products, I am a skeptic!I have tried probably every face product out there over the years. My face has lots of sun damage. Usually, I like the products at the beginning but before I finish the bottle the effects have already diminished. Not so with KPS! From day 1 my face has felt softer and healthier. It just keeps getting better and better. It smells fresh and it does not make my face feel oily. I use it both morning and night. It can be used across generations too...my mom loves it and so does my 23 year old daughter. I don't normally write reviews, but I love KPS so much I wanted to share! It truly is an amazing product!

Delightfully fresh smell - Love it!!

By grandma dean

I love the scent and the results of using this face cream. Highly recommended by a picky consumer. I am also happy to support the Keeki products. The owners give back to our community and are eco-conscience vibrant individuals. 5 people found this helpful

Ideal for dull skin!!

By Jennifer Ann DeVries

I am quite please at the weight and function of this cream. The feel on the skin is very natural and restorative. The effects over even a short period of use are fantastic. Skin feel hydrated and sustained.


By April p

Always skeptical when it comes to skin care products, but I took a gamble since it had so many positive reviews. I absolutely love it. You can feel your skin soften after the first application. It also gave me some of the youthful glow we lose as we age. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a good product.

Seeing results very quickly.

By anne c. porritt

I love the feel and the smell of the cream and I am noticing that my brown spots seem to be lightening and the over all texture of my skin seems better. I have only been using it for about 10 days but it seems my fine lines are better, too. Well worth the money!!

Five Stars

By staci harris

My discolouration on my face is clearing out!! Did fence noticed within 2 weeks of use!

Huge improvement in skin quality after 2 months of use!

By Hannah

I started using this product 2 months ago, and have seen a drastic difference in my skin! I typically have combination acne-prone skin and problems with dryness. Ever since starting this product, I have noticed significantly less hormonal acne and when I do get a spot or two, they clear quickly with less hyperpigmentation. Several of my friends have commented that my skin looks significantly more glowy! Unfortunately I don't have before and afters, but I have noticed a large decrease in the appearance of sunspots and old acne scars. Worth every penny!

This is the best product ever

By Gary Edwards

This is the best product ever! I have been using it for 3 months now and have noticed huge differences in my skin. I had suffered from many years of sun exposure and I can see a change in my smile lines. They have reduced and my skin is much, much smoother. I shave daily and this product is not only great for women, it is great for men. It makes my shave so much cleaner and no razor bumps. This is the best thing I have used on my face. I have tried many other high end products and KPS beats them all! Plus it is all natural! It is worth every penny! 6 people found this helpful

Luxurious to use

By Theres E. Stelter

I have dry aging skin. I am always searching for hydration without irritation. This product is it. It is very hydrating without being oily or greasy. Product adds volume and my skin glows with use. The scent is very subtle and pleasant. Feels very luxurious to use.

Helping women with cancer

By Joy D.

A friend told me that for every purchase a portion of the proceeds go to Hello Gorgeous an orginization to help women with cancer. I thought I'd give it a try to help a greater cause and I love the product.


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