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Performance-based, organic skincare created by our own rocket scientist!


We use high-quality, food-grade, 100% organic ingredients in our products.

KPS Essentials sources our ingredients from sustainable, clean and environmentally conscious suppliers. We test every ingredient in the lab for purity before we use it to create your performance-based, organic skincare. The entire KPS Essentials line is recommended by Oncology Training International, to guarantee our products are safe for anyone going through cancer treatments, and they're safe and effective for you too!

Discover the benefits of the ingredients we use.

DermaNū Technology® is the foundation for our products.

DermaNū Technology® is clinically validated to:

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Transform your skin with KPS Essentials DermaNū Technology®.

See your skin replenish, lift and renew for more beautiful skin days.

Rebuild Hydration:

DermaNū Technology® amplifies skin hydration in two ways. It

  • 1 - Restructures your skin's hydration barrier to protect against water loss.
  • 2 - Stimulates your natural production of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Chondroitin Sulfate for moisture reserves in your skin.

Promote Volume:

As your skin ages, your skin cells lose their plumpness. DermaNū Technology® stimulates your skin's volume by encouraging the growth of healthy, plumper skin cells to replicate younger looking skin.

Increase Collagen Production:

DermaNū Technology® uses a proprietary mixture of plant-based amino acids to significantly increase your body's ability to produce collagen to reduce the appearance of scars and give structure and strength to skin.

Inhibit Oxidation:

Without oxidation you can't get age spots. DermaNū Technology® inhibits the oxidation of the Tyrosinase* enzyme to reduce age spots, eczema and hyper-pigmentation.

*controls the production of melanin.

Fight Acne:

DermaNū Technology® uses plant-based molecules to increase the quality and decrease the quantity of your skin's natural oils and significantly decrease inflammation in misbehaving skin.