Experience Our Performance-Driven Organic Skincare

With 20+ years of skin care research behind their products, our founders have truly developed a line of performance-based organic skincare unlike anything else on the market. 

We believe in showing, not telling. That's why we've created this all-in-one information center, so you can make an informed decision before choosing to work with KPS Essentials. 

Not finding what you need? Contact your sales rep or reach out directly to and we'll address any concerns you might have!


Below you'll find a host of downloadable PDF's which should answer most of your questions about our brand, ethos, effectiveness, and day-to-day use!

Brand Overview

Learn more about KPS Essentials founders, products, and differentiators. 

Case Studies

Real life examples of our products changing the lives of customers. 

Top 5 Reasons to Join the KPS Family

Make an informed decisions with our quick list of benefits for partnering with KPS.

Retail Product Line

Learn more about our retail product lines, and how they work together to create healthier skin. 

Back Bar Product Line

Learn more about our back bar products, and how they can help your spa stand out from the crowd.

Benefits of a KPS Facial

Learn why a KPS Essentials Signature Facial is just the treatment your customers need. 

KPS Signature Facial Explained

Learn the science and technique behind our one-of-a-kind facial experience.