Looking for your Best Skin?  Start with Renū Face Cream. 

KPS Renu Face Cream is the leading product for Collagen, Hydration and Volume. Yes it actually took a rocket scientist to make your skin this good! 

Talks about how KPS changed her life and her business.

Start with our Renu Face Cream; It's what put KPS Essentials on the map. When we launched our Renu Face Cream in NYC back in 2016, we turned down an offer from the second largest company in the skincare industry. They knew we had "disruptive performance," performance that would change the industry. Today we have helped thousands of customers to achieve their best skin. Every day, we help people who have lived with skin conditions for decades. We can help with all skin conditions; or just give you more beautiful, healthy-looking skin. You will see results within two weeks. 
 If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchases, we will promptly refund your order.  Our reputation and your satisfaction are important  to everyone at KPS Essentials. 

Why Is KPS So Different

Artificial Intelligence

AI and skincare? Yes! We we improve your results with artificial intelligence. 

Health Formulations

We formulate like our creams are skin supplements. 

Root Cause Approach

We understand the cause of healthy skin and bring it to you 

From Real Science

We bring experience from Drug Research, Wound Care & Nutritional Supplementation.  

DermaNū Technology - Size does matter, specifically in skincare. 

Typical skincare ingredients don't give you the coverage you need.

Before KPS processes, ingredients are like these rocks in this tray. They don't cover much of the tray. 

Decreasing ingredient size,  increases nutrient coverage.  

After our processes, our ingredients are like the sand in the tray—the sand completely covers the tray. 

What you get from increased coverage...

DermaNū Technology is truly unique. Renū Face Cream (RFC) beats the best in the industry in Collagen and Elastin production by over 130%, giving you youthful skin . And the RFC beats the best in the industry in Hydration storage by over 185%. Hydration is the number one contributor of your skin's health. KPS Renū Face Cream is the first and only product in the skincare industry that brings volume to your skin. As we age our skin thins,  volume in skin is youthful. Our other KPS products, like the Renū Lumin, give you a root-cause approach for hyperpigmentation or age spots. And, our Renu Complexion brings you a root-cause approach to clean, clear, acne-free skin.  

Listen to What Experts Say ...  

Dr. Andrea McSwainDO, CEO, Michigan Center for Holistic Medicine 

Talks about how she uses KPS in her practice.

Kika Rocha
Editor and Chief People En Español  Magazine

Talks about how KPS Changed her life.

Amanda Tenbrink
Master Esthetician MI

Talks about how she uses KPS in her practice.

Andrea Hop
Nutritionist, Grand Rapids Natural Health

Talks about how KPS got rid of her scar. 


I’m impressed by the quality and the dramatic results these products quickly deliver.  The perfect blend of science and skincare with visible results! 5-Stars!”

Nicole Coco Schuter

I really love these products! The fact that they have high quality ingredients that aren’t toxic is a plus, but the fact that they also deliver amazing results is what makes them my favorite.

Alexandra Alley

I love this company! The probiotic toner is so cleansing and the Renu face cream makes my skin feel so soft! Not to mention I don’t have to worry about the ingredients I’m putting on my face. Prices may seem high at first, but the quality it worth it

Macy Fouch

KPS Essentials products are the most luxurious, organic, healthy skincare products I have ever used. For the quality and results, one would think the products would be five times as expensive.

Janeil M. Bamberg

KPS Essentials Collection

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