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Deep hydration for skin that looks and acts younger.

Our best-selling face cream is a fan favorite for a reason: it really works. Clinically proven to improve skin hydration, Renū Face Cream’s built-in volumizing technology promotes healthy cell development that tightens, brightens, and tones.

Our science-backed formula reduces the appearance of dark spots, visibly evens skin tone, and instantly brightens your complexion. Add this unbelievable product as the final step in your skincare routine for truly healthier skin that’s soft, supple, and totally hydrated.

  • DermaNū Technology® treats scars, dryness and dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation for all skin types.
  • Created by a real rocket scientist, and a master gardener/certified oncology aesthetician
  • Our products are carefully crafted in the lab to get to the root of your skin issues, rather than just a temporary cosmetic fix.
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Unrivaled Quality

Every KPS product is thoughtfully crafted using food grade, organic ingredients. By targeting our solutions at the root cause, we are pushing the industry forward through unrivaled quality control at every step of the supply chain. What does this all mean? You get scientifically pure products that are as good for you as they are for the environment.

Game-Changing Efficacy

Our before and after stories speak for themselves. Our one-of-a-kind formulations supercharge the skin, increasing barrier function, promoting elasticity, and improving water retention capabilities. In short, our products give the skin everything it needs to thrive - and the results speak for themselves.

100% Customer Focus

From your first purchase to 500th, we ensure that every time you interact with KPS you feel heard. We offer fast turnaround on shipping, a customer service team that is always striving for customer satisfaction, and an organizational committment to making things right the first time.

KPS Gives Back

We strategically partner with non-profit and community-based organizations to give back as much, and as often, as we can. By bolstering our communities at home and abroad, we are hoping to make a lasting impact on the world at large. In short, we hope to leave everywhere better-off than where we found it.


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