Limited Edition Candles

Delight your senses with one of our limited edition candles. 

Thoughtfully crafted to be enjoyed all year round, these long-lasting candles come in two unique varieties: Adoration (White Base) and Infatuation (Black Base). 

Made from 100% naturally derived essential oils blended in clean-burning soy wax.


Captivating nuances of neroli, jasmine, and sultry amber are complemented by a textural heart of santal and white heliotrope. Oud wood and musk help to round out this fragrant affair.


This seductively spicy scent begins with a blend of oud and saffron. The warm sultry theme offers a hint of rose with nuances of cedarwood for a scent that will entice you in time and again. 

Candle Size: 12oz | Burn Time: 85 Hours