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Why Become a Professional Partner?

Wish you could conveniently order KPS Essentials beauty products online? Become one of our professional partners. As one of our professional partners, you would have access to a wealth of information to help you run your business more effectively.

Our professional partners are able to:

  • Order our beauty and skin care products online.
  • Join our private Facebook group of salon professionals, doctors, and physicians.
  • Watch our helpful online videos.
  • Support Hello Gorgeous, a nonprofit that gives makeovers to women battling cancer.

Becoming a professional partner not only benefits you, but your company and community . It’s about having a business perspective large enough to understand how buying beauty products can help a woman with cancer smile at her own reflection again. Being our professional partner also means understanding the impact your business has on the world and embracing positive change. We are proud to partner with businesses that share our vision .

To learn more about becoming a professional partner, call KPS Essentials at: (866) 512-7713.