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Success Stories

Performance-based, organic skincare created by our own rocket scientist!



My primary concern is aging; at 76, I turned to KSP because of its performance. I couldn't believe the difference. I'm glad I took Pictures before I used the products; the difference is remarkable. I'm hooked. In two weeks, my friends and family started asking me what I was doing; some even thought I had work done.

I've been using the products for months now; my wrinkles have reduced, my eye, cheeks and neck have filled in and my asthetician told me she want's my skin… I would have never thought that would happen. I'm using the entire protocol. I double cleanse, tone and treat with the hydralux products, Eye serum, Renu and C+ products.



As far back as I can remember, I have always been envious of what it might feel like to have healthy skin. At age 2, my lifelong battle with eczema began. It relentlessly challenged my self-confidence, appearance, mental and physical wellbeing, and most importantly my quality of life. Steroids, immune-suppressants, and antibiotics lined my medicine cabinets and only masked my symptoms. My dermatologist was perplexed as nothing seemed to keep my eczema at bay for long. Ironically, my career is in the beauty industry. I sadly recall wishing there was a way to hide my face, and could often be found in my office miserably trying to make it through another work day. That was until the summer of 2017, when I was introduced to KPS Essentials through the persistence of my bestie. She had been a witness to my constant pain and embarrassment and a shoulder to cry on when there was no end in sight. Finally, I caved and experienced a KPS facial that seriously rocked my world.

I was expecting it to be painful and not at all effective- but, instead my skin received the love it so desperately needed through the power of touch and the healing attributes of the ingredients. Remarkable and life changing are the two words that come to mind, as my skin has COMPLETELY healed since being introduced to KPS. Soon, I had traded in my Diet Coke for water, and my Prednisone for Renu Face Cream I left my job and began working for Ron and Natalie, founders of KPS Essentials, as I have never met a pair more committed to making a difference in the lives of others.

My KPS go-to daily ritual is the Aromatherapy Cleansing Oil, with unmatched hydration that smells heavenly! I add it to my bath, hair and simply can't get enough of it! I follow with the Probiotic Toner, Renu Face Cream, and to add even more moisture, the HyrdaLux Extreme.

Perhaps the most PRICELESS gift has more steroids or harmful chemicals....just KPS Essentials. This girl has another BESTIE!



I started using KPS in November 2017 after I was left with a scar from a gash on my forehead that required 13 stitches one month earlier. After the skin had healed enough for the glue to come off, Lauren Ramey at Grand Rapids Natural Health assessed my scar and recommended using the Renu Cream, Renu C+ Serum and Antioxidant E Cream together morning and evening and massaging the scar tissue. In January 2018, I did a KPS facial with Lauren where she gave my scar extra attention with the cacao mask. Before the facial, people would comment on how well and fast the scar was healing.

After the facial, there was a notable improvement in the depth and color of the scar others commented on as well. I also started using the Hydrolux Extreme Moisturizer to combat dry skin, and I use the Renue cream over my entire face a few times a week. I am so thankful Lauren introduced me to KPS and how powerful the product is for promoting healthy, moisturized skin. It is important to me as a health coach to have clean ingredients I know are safe for my skin and for my family, friends and clients with the beauty products I choose to use. KPS knocks that requirement out of the park!! I have even tasted a few of the products with Lauren. I highly recommend trying the KPS products on your skin!



Most of my skin problems involve aging, wrinkles, dry skin and overall tone of skin had changed so much over the years. I have always been into skincare so I tried many products but for the last 10 years I used all organic, chemical free product.

I tried the KPS antiaging protocol (love the renu face cream) and noticed a big difference after 4 weeks. I have now used KPS for 7 1/2 months with more improvements and I love the products. I have fewer noticeable wrinkles, my skin looks plumper, smoother & shines! I've been asked if I've had botox (NO!) and my husband is now using it because he kept hearing all my compliments.

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