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Dark Spot Dilemmas: How to Naturally Treat Dark Spots on Your Skin

Dec 23, 2019Natalie Novak-Bauss

Hello beauties!

The sun seems like it can be our best friend and our worst enemy all at the same time, right? Sunlight cheers us up when we’re feeling gloomy, and helps our bodies to produce essential Vitamin D, and during the overcast winter months, we all can’t wait for the sun to come out again. But, as we all know, too much time spent in the sun without protection can cause damage to the skin, leading to premature signs of aging as well as skin cancer. 

However, one of the most common side-effects sun worshippers suffer from shows up on our faces in the form of dark spots and discoloration. Sunspots are largely connected to sun exposure, and even the most fastidious skin care regimen won’t always help to keep hyperpigmentation at bay. 

The sun isn’t the only source of spotting when it comes to our skin though. Hyperpigmentation can also be hormonal, and shows up on our complexions as melasma or so-called “pregnancy mask”. Age, genetics, exposure to free-radicals and other underlying conditions (such as certain medications) can also cause discolorations in your skin. Be sure to check in regularly with your dermatologist to report dark spots that may change in shape, size and color. 

If you’ve noticed some changes in your skin in the form of dark spots or hyperpigmentation, and want to do something about it, you’re in luck; there are a variety of natural ways to treat dark spots on your skin without the use of harmful bleaches or chemicals. A comprehensive skincare treatment should include daytime and nighttime products designed to both correct and protect your skin. Be sure to choose anti-pollution products that provide antioxidant formulations, exfoliants and a broad-spectrum sunscreen. 

Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation Skincare Regimen

KPS offers a full range of products to help address dark spots and hyperpigmentation. If you’re looking for a gentle, natural way to help make skin discoloration a thing of the past, our cleanser, toner and renu lumin serum will help you achieve the results you need. 

  • KPS Brightening Cream Cleanser: Contains 1% Salicylic acid from white willow bark to help lighten skin naturally.
  • KPS Probiotic Toner: Formulated with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, which contains AHA's that naturally help to lighten hyperpigmentation.
  • KPS Renu Lumin: Formulated to help stop the oxidation of  tyrosinase when oxidized created melanin that causes the spots. 

Also, when it comes to sun protection, be mindful of all of the ways you can naturally shield yourself from the sun to prevent overexposure. When in direct sun, be sure to sport sunglasses with UV protection, wear wide-brimmed hats, choose shirts with long-sleeves and stay in the shade between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the suns’ rays are the most intense. 

Don’t let the worry of harmful UV rays keep you in the dark … switch up your skincare regimen, grab a hat and some sunglasses and warm up to enjoying the outdoors without worry. Until next time, be well and make some changes to your everyday routine for a brighter, more beautiful you! 

Love, Natalie

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