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Celebrating Earth Day with KPS: Our Commitment to Skin and Soil Health
Apr 29, 2024
At KPS, we recognize that true beauty stems from wellness—both our own and that of...

Why Does a Skincare Company Care About the Soil?
Apr 21, 2022
Why does a skincare company care about soil? Well, because we believe that the cure...

Top 3 Face Serum in CertClean’s 6th Annual Clean Beauty Awards
Aug 13, 2021
KPS Essentials Superfood Elixir has been named a Top 3 Face Serum in CertClean’s 6th...

Cellulite Body Scrub Renū Body Sculptor Activated Cellulite Mask Cellulite Brush
Apr 29, 2021
We coo over chubby-cheeked babies with dimples for days. But when we see those same lumps and bumps appear on our own backsides and thighs, we don’t take so kindly to them.

How to boost your immune system
Jan 15, 2021
“You can’t outrun your fork” is an adage that we repeat time and again to remind ourselves about the importance of sticking with a healthy diet. Our health, in many ways, begins and ends in the kitchen. If we’re putting healthy fule into our bodies, we’re going to run like a well oiled machine - and the inverse is true, as well. When we put too much junk in our system, our health suffers. 

Which Renū is Right For You?
Jan 08, 2021
Happy New Year, Beauties! I hope you have all set some amazing intentions for yourself in 2021, and that this year brings all of us so much more joy than last! 😂🤞 To help you start 2021 off on the right note, I wanted to address something so many of you have asked over the last year: “Which Renu products are right for MY skincare needs?” So - without further ado - here’s my breakdown of each Renu product, and what it will do for you!