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The Big, Fat Truth About Cellulite

Apr 29, 2021Natalie Novak-Bauss

We coo over chubby-cheeked babies with dimples for days. But when we see those same lumps and bumps appear on our own backsides and thighs, we don’t take so kindly to them. 

But cellulite’s not scary or weird. And it definitely doesn’t mean that you’re unhealthy. In fact, cellulite is super normal. About 85% of women have it somewhere on their body. But when you’ve been working your butt off at the gym, it can be ultra-frustrating to see those little dimples through your leggings after you just did three reps of squats.

What is cellulite anyway?

Cellulite is just fat deposits. It’s caused by an enlarged fat cells because of two natural phenomena: the production of fat signaled by the hormone estrogen, and the weakening of our connective tissues (collagen) in the skin as we age.

Cellulite happens when enlarged fat cells press up against skin’s connective tissue causing an uneven outward appearance.

Why do I get cellulite … even if I’m fit?
Simply put, it’s in our DNA. Not to get all anatomy class up in here, but women’s connective tissue is arranged vertically allowing for the easy passage and travel of fat cells. Men’s tissue is arranged in a crisscross formation, making it a bit tougher for those fat cells to push up against the top dermal layer and create that uneven texture from the outside. Men can definitely get cellulite, it’s just biologically easier for it to show up on women. 

The definitive, medical cause behind cellulite is still debated by medical professionals, but research links cellulite to the following three key factors: hormones, genetics, and lifestyle.

We all know that collagen keeps our joints working, your skin looking young, and gives us that healthy, bouncy glow we all want. But what does that have to do with hormones? Well, as women approach menopause, skin cells receive less oxygen and subsequently collagen production decreases. Fat cells also become enlarged with a drop in estrogen levels, which means anyone who produces estrogen has a greater chance of having visible cellulite.  

Just like any other physical feature, you can usually thank your parents for that. Some people are just more prone to getting cellulite, which often times has to do with circulation and metabolism.

We’ve all heard it before – sitting is the new smoking. When we’re sitting (or standing) for long periods of time with little-to-no movement, this can also bring on the formation of cellulite. So, now you know that your a trip to the water cooler is good for more than just catching up on office gossip.

Okay, so, how do I get rid of my cellulite?
There are no treatments that are proven to be 100% effective at permanently getting rid of cellulite. To reduce the look of cellulite, your aim is to break up the connective tissue and decrease your number of fatty deposits. (Easier said than done, right?) Here are a few homeopathic ways to reduce the look of unwanted dimples, lumps, and bumps. 

Although the jury’s still out on what exactly causes cellulite, scientists are pretty sure it is circulation related. So, get that blood flowing and oxygen pumping with some good old-fashioned exercise. 

Mom was right; you really do need to eat your fruits and veggies. Foods with a higher water concentration help increase oxygen levels in skin cells, which ultimately delivers firmer, smoother-looking skin.

Stop smoking
This is a no brainer. Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health, your skin, and to reduce cellulite! 

How do I treat cellulite?

There are lots of clinical treatments, like microneedling, cellulite-focused massage, liposuction, and other procedures that can get rid of cellulite. But we like to opt for a more natural route.

Treating cellulite at home 

KPS Essentials offers a great solution to reducing the look of cellulite with our Cellulite Essentials Collection that includes our Renu Body Sculptor, Body Sculptor Activating Scrub, an Activated Body Massage Cellulite Treatment, and a dry brush to really amp up the circulation. 

Loaded with nutrients and highly effective ingredients, this collection of products utilizes our DermaNu technology to break down fatty acids and give you the velvety-smooth skin you’ve been lusting after. Our products are most effective when combined with massage and dry brushing. 

So, don’t fear your cellulite. Bring it on, bikini season!

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