Celebrity Aesthetician + Master Organic Gardener

Natalie Novak

After a 5.9-magnitude earthquake struck the high-end department store where Natalie Novak worked in 1987, Natalie expected to find a mess in the stockroom later that day – but instead, she found the expensive cosmetic products had eaten a hole in the carpet. In her quest for answers as to how these chemicals affect the skin, Natalie became a Certified Aesthetician. She began applying her knowledge to several start-up day spas and physician-led spas.

Inventor + Master Formulator

Ron Webb

Name another skincare brand that can say they have an in-house rocket scientist. You can't. Ron Webb spent years at The Boeing Company, launching rockets into space. Necessity brought Ron to skincare; in 1991, he collaborated with his retired physiologist mother when her veterinarian suggested euthanization for her favorite Arabian horse because of a severe skin injury. They leveraged their other collaboration on Plant-Drug Research for Universities and Ron's Mother's physiology discipline to develop life-saving salves to heal a volleyball-sized wound. In 2012, Ron met Natalie Novak, a Master Gardener and celebrity Aesthetican, and partnered with her to create a skincare line unlike anything else on the market. If Ron had started as a Cosmetic Chemist, the Dermanū philosophy would not exist today. He needed his Aerospace experience to complete the development and the drive to protect his mother's heart.

KPS Eseentials

Where science + Nature Find Harmony

Natalie and Ron met in 2012; they were both leading the way in developing clean organic skincare products for their own companies: Keeki Pure & Simple & Nature's Intent. They quickly realized they had the formula for transformative skincare. Natalie brings expertise with organics and soil nutrients as a master gardener and industry knowledge as a celebrity aesthetician. Combined with Ron's innovative spirit, aerospace engineering experience, and history with plant-drug research + animal wound care, KPS was born.