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Are You Feeling Nourished?

Jun 16, 2020Natalie Novak-Bauss

Hello, beauties! 

As a woman who has dedicated her life and lifestyle to organics, I’m always thinking about how I’m nourishing my body. Normally, my mind immediately goes to meals - what I’m physically fueling my body with. But today I want to talk a little bit about how we can all better nourish our soul. It may sound trite or obvious, but conscious consumption is an essential part of living a more balanced and inspired life.

But consumption comes in many forms: media, emotional energy, mealtime, the gym, etc. Being aware of how these different areas can affect our lives is essential in creating healthier habits. In short, when we’re more aware of the world we’ve chosen, we’re more careful about how we interact with it, and are much more likely to experience the vibrations we’re seeking. 

I want to quickly outline a few areas where we could all use a little reminder to check our habits concerning consumption. Without further ado...

Social Media: As we all know, social media is rife with negativity. If you find your social ecosystem to be filled with accounts that are constantly blasting bad vibes, it’s probably a good idea to distance yourself from them. Take some time to evaluate why you followed those accounts, and what value you’re gaining from them. Being mindful of the energy you surround yourself with goes a long way towards helping you create a healthier lifestyle. And healthier lifestyles mean a better chance of living the life you’re trying to manifest!

TV + Movies: We’ve all been there: a lazy Sunday, Netflix, and the uninterrupted binge which we often regret. Sometimes a good film session can give you a spark and uplift you, but more often than not, overconsumption of ANY media can leave you in a negative energetic state. So it’s important to be picky with the media that you choose to engage with. Select films that make you laugh, or warm your heart. This doesn’t mean you should avoid media that deals with heavier subjects, just that you want to find a balance in what you watch. 

Blogs + Vlogs: Passion is a tricky thing: one moment you’re swept up and want to change the world, and the next you’re fighting back tears and feeling hopeless. When you find bloggers/vloggers who offer fiery rebukes of the world around us, it can be easy to get caught in their emotional state. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of the general tone of the influencers you follow: too much negativity can leave you feeling exhausted. In essence, the constant drone of negativity will shift that negativity from the influencer to YOU. Who wants that? If you notice that a blogger has downer energy, I suggest reassessing if they are a good fit for you. Remember: it’s okay to hit unsubscribe! 

Self-Care: This topic gets so much mixed press, so let’s say it loud enough for the people in the back: “Self-care is not selfish!” We all need time to express ourselves, to be free of our adult obligations, and to just peacefully sink into something we enjoy. Whether that’s gardening or shopping (in moderation!) or going out for a long run, you need to practice activities that recharge your batteries. A healthy soul requires self-care - some more than others. Being aware of your needs will help you in so many ways: you’ll be a better friend, a better partner, and a better coworker when you allow yourself the time it takes to properly level-set. 

Creative Expression: You want to know the great thing about art? There’s no wrong way to make it! Whether you love to paint - or have always wanted to try it - or you’re more of a poet (whether or not you know it...okay, I’ll stop!) - there’s simply no shortage of ways in which you can creatively express yourself. I believe that the act of being creative is one of the most soul-nourishing activities you can participate in. Like anything, practice makes perfect. If you can avoid judging yourself, and lean into your creative side, you’ll be amazed at the results - I guarantee it! 

Divine Connection: No matter your beliefs, It's time to seek, find, and strengthen your connection to the universe. Spirituality, much like art, is a very personal journey. I recommend going within yourself, allowing a pleasant silence, then truly listening to what your soul is saying. Using meditation techniques can certainly help you down this path, but ultimately our intuition guides us to the answers we’re seeking IF we’re able to listen and understand. We’re all going through this world together, and this process - like any - will take time. I am simply encouraging you to take that first step today…

While there are so many more topics I could cover, I’m afraid I’ll have to cut myself off here. I simply hope you’re able to take something away from this post. Just remember that whatever changes you make today are gifts to your future self: and your future self.



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