Reboost Hydration


Reboost Hydration is a mist that instantly reactivates the nutrients from your moisturizer to give your skin a radiant post-skincare routine glow. It is a quick and easy way to refresh and reinvigorate your skin, and it can also be used to set makeup or as a pick-me-up throughout the day. The mist also calms the senses and rejuvenates the mood.

Mist your face throughout the day whenever you need a refresh. May be applied over makeup.

Consciously batched to include: Water, Witch Hazel, * Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils *Organic Ingredients

All ingredients are 100% safe for your body and Mother Earth. We utilize wild-foraged, regeneratively farmed, organic, and certified food-grade ingredients to deliver a higher nutritional value to your skin. All of our products are vegan or vegetarian. Vegetarian products are crafted using sustainably sourced local raw honey, beeswax, or pearl powder.