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Our depleted food sources diminish our health, and it comes out in our skin. We have traded rich, nutrient soils for modern comforts and amenities. Our rivers that once overflowed, depositing vital nutrients, are now lined with homes. Farming practices have changed, focusing on profits and neglecting the soil and the produce. This modernizing, comfort-seeking trend stops a natural cycle that deposits mineral nutrients in our soil that is irreplaceable. Mineral nutrients added artificially are far too large for plant roots to absorb. So we are bringing back nature's intent by developing technology to supplement this broken cycle to reintroduce missing vitamin and mineral nutrients in our skin care. Our formulator uses his aerospace background to crush molecules back down to a size that supports your body's needs.

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Our powerful yet gentle Triple Cleansing Method consists of three products designed to remove your skin's barriers to introduce nutrients. The first of the trio removes ceramides, the waxy/oily layer of the skin. Unlike most cleansers, we remove this layer without detergents and keep your skin in balance. The two other products in the cleansing trio focus on eliminating physical objects that can stop nutrients from getting to where they need. The Triple cleansing method prepares your skin by clearing the path for DermaNū Nutrient for your healthiest skin.

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Now that your skin is correctly preped with our Triple Cleansing Method, your skin is ready for nutrients and treatments. Products in this stage, our masques, and serums are recommended one to two times a week to add back the nutrients your skin desperately lacks.

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Arguably the most critical stage, here is where you can target your skin’s problematic areas directly. Whether acne, rosacea, or wrinkles, we have a Renū product that fits your needs. If you’re new to KPS Essentials, this is the stage we recommend you invest in first.

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Boost your skin with our most potent elixirs, pearlescent glow drops, and hydrating mists.

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