A New Name in Clean Cosmetics & Why YOU Should Care!

A New Name in Clean Cosmetics & Why YOU Should Care!

Nov 09, 2020Natalie Novak-Bauss

As some of you may know, I've been a makeup artist for over 30 years. I've had a passion for color for as long as I can remember. Spending years behind the makeup counter I have experienced countless brands - some more fabulous than others! When I had downtime I would read the labels, as I’ve always been a very curious person. I wanted to learn more about all the ingredients that I could not pronounce; where were they sourced, what were they made from...how good were they for the women I sold them to?

As the years have gone by, and our environment (sadly) has become more toxic, those questions have really been burned into my mind and my mission. It’s my belief that, as a group, women MUST become savvier about what we choose to put on our bodies. What we keep forgetting about is that our skin is our largest organ. This means what we put ON our bodies goes INTO our bodies. In the last decade, I have really been mindful of cleaning up my already clean lifestyle. I must say it is tempting when you find that perfect lipstick that makes you feel good but then you have to think, “Is it worth sacrificing adding cadmium and carmine to my body?” For me, that’s a big “Hell no!” 

Recently, I underwent some blood testing, and the results showed I had high cadmium content in my body - from lipstick no doubt. As you can imagine I was surprised that I had any of this since I eat exceptionally healthy, I am very mindful of my environment, and obviously use the safest, cleanest skincare on the market! So how could this be? Well, it forced me to do a deeper dive into all the products I had been using on my face, as this was where I had a mixture of clean and not so clean makeup. 

Out of the blue, I got a call from a woman who wanted to share a story about how our Renū Face Cream healed her sister's skin condition in 24 hours. She was so thrilled that our products helped her that she wanted to share the good news. She happened to be the co-founder of NuEvolution Cosmetics. We got to talking and we realized I had met her partner years back at a wellness event in NYC. She kindly gifted me a beautiful box of her fabulous cosmetics and I was instantly in love.

I have tried many clean makeup brands and honestly, I just haven't found anything that I really love or want to purchase again and again. I'm either disappointed by the wearability or lack of pigmentation. When I tried the NuEvolution foundation it immediately felt and looked like my natural complexion - not like a caked-on cover-up. I was ecstatic! I literally couldn't believe my eyes. 

Then I applied the eye shadow and found the pigmentation was luxuriously creamy. The next test was wearability. I was pleasantly surprised that this eyeshadow lasted as long as the super toxic products I had used in the past. I was so impressed by this company and the two fabulous women who founded it that I felt that I had to share their products with my audience as well!

I immediately called Sandra and told her that I was in love with her brand that I wanted to highlight her wonderful products for all of you lovelies. It was like that moment that I had gone gluten-free and tried about twenty different GF bread brands with continued disappointment. I gave up on eating bread for over a year before I found the holy grail. This is that moment for all you makeup junkies! 

Now a little about my new favorite cosmetic brand. NU EVOLUTION is a cutting-edge clean makeup brand on par with NARS, MAC, and many others from an aesthetic and efficacy standpoint. Created by Nadine and Sandra, two powerhouse executives from the fashion and finance worlds, they were afflicted with health and skin issues at different points in their lives. Due to that fact, they were relentless and, on a mission, to find solutions over the last few decades. 

Having studied the cause and effect of ingredients and its direct correlation to the skin and their overall health, they knew they were on to something big. After many years of research and investigation, they found solutions to their needs and decided to leave their careers behind to create NU EVOLUTION. Relying on their expertise in branding, product development, and many other areas, they disrupted the industry with their makeup brand made with natural and organic ingredients that would reach the next-generation status.

Historically, natural makeup had a reputation of not being on par with conventional brands because it lacked performance and for other reasons. Let's say the aesthetic was not on par with what "Beauty Junkie's" coveted. NU EVOLUTION is the brand that came on the scene and changed the game due to the brand's look, efficacy, and voice. They also penetrated New York Fashion Week as a beauty sponsor with several "like-minded" designers. No other brand had ever rocked the industry like they did when they launched, and as a result, they became known as the "NATURAL MAC."

Not only are the products filled with real ingredients, but you will also be blown away by the performance. If you have yet to switch to natural makeup, this is a line for you!


I am thrilled to announce that we will be hosting a giveaway soon so that you can try these fab cosmetics! If you haven't followed us already, head over to our Instagram page and say hello! We'll be announcing this giveaway soon, so stay tuned! 

With love and gratitude,


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