Gratitude: The Key To Happiness In Uncertain Times

April 10, 2020 1 Comment

Sunrise over an aquamarine ocean and white sand beach.

Hello, Beauties! 

The world is in such a crazy place right now. Coronavirus. Unemployment. Negative news cycles. Blah blah blah…I’m over it! I’m over focusing on the negativity and only seeing the bad news out there. So, today I’m focusing on the GOOD news, and all the things I’m grateful for such as…

  • I have adorable fur babies to keep me company. 
    • In what world could I NOT be grateful for my fur babies? Oliver keeps spirits up in the office, while our cats are being their best brand of crazy-as-ever at home. Animals raise our spirits, and I’m so thankful for the ones I’m lucky enough to share a home with right now!
  • I have a loving family. 
    • Family is everything to me - especially at a time like this. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful, intelligent, and talented kids who can keep me laughing even as we move through troubling times. Grateful doesn’t begin to describe it! 
  • I have an amazing job:
    • Every day, I get to wake up and make a positive impact in my community, and in the world at large by offering an organic skincare line that’s as good for our environment as it is for the people that use it. I get to feel a deep sense of purpose each and every day, and I’m incredibly grateful for that.
  • I have an outstanding team.
    • Seriously. I can’t overstate the importance of the team we’ve built at KPS. Everyone has stepped up to ensure customer satisfaction remains high, that orders are getting out on time, and that this entire organization continues to operate at pre-COVID levels. It’s been an absolute blessing to watch everyone rally around the business, and once again, I’m incredibly grateful for them. 
  • I am surrounded by an awesome online community.
    • From bloggers to influencers, our community has shown so much love and support over the years - and doubly so in the past few weeks! - and I am constantly humbled by your presence in my life. It is an absolute blessing to have so many new and wonderful people interested in my brand, and in me as a human being. Thank you a thousand times! 
  • I have awesome customers.
    • Yes, you! Like any business owner, I was worried that my customers would stop buying. But you haven’t - you’ve stuck with us, and I am so grateful that you’ve chosen to do so.

That’s a pretty good list on any given day, let alone during a pandemic. So why focus on negativity when my world is absolutely brimming with things I am grateful for?

And as a show of my gratitude for all of that, I want to give back. That’s why we’re going live on Instagram with a free yoga class today (April 10, 2020) if you’re reading this after-the-fact). And it’s also why we’ll be offering free shipping throughout the USA, now through Sunday, so you can continue to enjoy our products for less. Just use code FREESHIPWEEKEND at checkout!

I haven’t typed it “out loud” just yet, so let me say ‘THANK YOU’ from the bottom of my heart! KPS is built on, by, and for all of you amazing people, and I will always be grateful that you’ve chosen to use our products.

With love and gratitude,


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Alisha Lehman
Alisha Lehman

May 26, 2020

YOU are one amazing woman, Natalie! I am in awe of all you have built and achieved. I´m so proud to call you my friend.

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