Keeping Your Glow Through Halloween

Keeping Your Glow Through Halloween

Oct 14, 2020Natalie Novak-Bauss

Halloween is just around the corner, and even though you probably won’t be attending any large gatherings, you’re still planning to wear an awesome costume for your Instagram photos. Unfortunately, your skin might not love your look as much as you do.


Costume makeup is notorious for containing ingredients that irritate the skin and clog pores. You might think to yourself, but it’s only for one night! While that may be true, is it worth applying a product that will cause a week or two of breakouts afterward? As you get ready to purchase supplies for your costume, take note of the skincare tips listed below to save your face from redness and irritation:

Cleanse thoroughly before and after you apply the makeup. A build-up of oils on your skin will make it harder for your makeup to stick. While you’re planning your costume, pick up a bottle of astringent (preferably alcohol-free, like this Probiotic Toner so that it doesn’t dry out your skin). This product creates the perfect base for a face full of makeup by removing bacteria, reducing inflammation, and shrinking the size of pores. Use an astringent at the beginning and end of your night to cleanse your skin from oils and irritants. 

Avoid cream-based makeup. You’ll need a full coverage foundation to transform your skin into sickly green zombie flesh, so you might be tempted to buy a set of cream-based makeup at the costume shop. For the sake of your skin, it’s best to steer clear of that. Cream-based Halloween makeup is loaded with waxes and oils, which can irritate the skin and cause a breakout. The fact that it’s only sold once a year makes you wonder: how long has it been sitting on a shelf? Try a liquid-based product instead, which will let your skin breathe.

Skip the fake blood. Those packets full of fake blood are a dime a dozen at the costume shop. But what are they made of? If you are concerned they aren’t the best for your skin, you’d be right. Fake blood often contains red dyes that don’t come off when you’re ready to remove your costume. But don’t worry - if you still want to be a vampire, you can make your own fake blood using products from your makeup bag; one makeup artist found that you can make fake blood by mixing red lipstick, black eyeliner, and lip gloss

Use high-quality adhesives. If your witch’s costume needs a prosthetic nose to complete the look, don’t stick it on with an inexpensive, chemically-packed glue. Those products are often made with ammonia, a harmful vapor that can burn your eyes. Check the ingredients of the adhesives that you use so you can steer clear of harm’s way. Before using glue on your face, perform an allergy test by applying it to a patch of skin on your arm; if it becomes irritated, then you’ll need a different product. 

Refer to online tutorials. What was Halloween like before the internet was around? A lot less glamorous, that’s for sure! With the help of YouTube and Instagram, makeup artists are sharing their insider tricks to create the coolest costumes. Tutorials can help you terrify with special effects or stun with glitter and sequins. Take your makeup look to the next level by using a video or photo as a reference. Many online videos include the products used in the description box, creating an easy shopping list for you to use.

Buy a setting spray. Don’t let a little sweat ruin all your hard work. You want to look like a glorious mermaid - not one that just stepped out from the sea. If your makeup isn’t set, then sweat can make your prosthetics fall off, and your blue foundation run. Purchase a setting spray to use after you apply your makeup, which will help lock it in and protect against your body heat. To stop your makeup from creasing, you can also set it with a powder. 

Apply makeup in layers. Creating the perfect makeup look takes patience. If you want fully opaque purple skin, you need to take your time applying it. Caking it on all at once can result in a lumpy, bumpy finish. For a smooth and seamless skin tone, take it layer by layer. Use a damp sponge to blend the product with your natural skin. By building up the makeup gradually, your results will be so believable that your friends might think your skin actually turned purple!

At the end of the night, use a makeup remover. Have you ever had a post-Halloween breakout? If so, you’re not alone. After a long night of dancing in your costume, you might forget to remove your makeup when you return to bed. If you’re wearing heavy mascara and eyeshadow, then you’ll need a makeup remover that’s safe for the eyes. A makeup wipe can do the trick to remove residual products that clog pores. 


Don’t forget to moisturize! The makeup look you create can put your skin under a lot of stress. Once the products are removed and your face is cleaned properly, be sure to slather on a hydrating moisturizer. This can help repair the damage it endured on the spookiest night of the year. 

Is there anything scarier than waking up with a breakout? When you’re dressing up for the Zoom party on Halloween night, be sure to show your skin the love that it deserves. Otherwise, you’ll wake up the next morning looking like a creature from Dawn of the Dead - that might be an exaggeration, but you get our point. 

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